Home of the "TwistIt" wire handle for mesh lobster bags and our "PunchIn" lobster bags


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Mesh bags with "TwistIt" wire handles
#1103 yellow, 18" x 29"
Additional sizes:
#1102 red, 15" x 19"
#1104 green, 24" x 35"
#1105 blue, 24" x 27"

TwistIt Handle: One-hand operation with no clip

PunchIn Lobster bags
You don't open it, you don't close it. Just punch the lobster, tail first, through the folded opening, pull your hand out and the lobster is securely inside. There is a zipper on the bottom for easy release.
#1108 Regular 20"
#1109 Jumbo 22"
#1109-9 Monster 6" longer than the Jumbo - Bright Colors

Not shown: #1109-6 Monster (Red and Blue)

Colors may vary

Other accessories available include other bags, snaps, masks, rubber straps, etc.

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